Meet The Team

We are talking the talk ... because we walked the walk.

We both were diabetic, overweight/obese with multiple metabolic issues. Dietary advice from the nutritional guidelines did not help. It actually made things worse. The standard of care for diabetics still recommends copious amounts of grains and fruit, both laden with sugar.

With close to three years of experience, we have been coaching members in our own and other Facebook groups and in person.

With Kendo-Keto we want to take our coaching to the next level. While all the information on how to do keto is freely available, many people do better with coaching and accountability. That is what we offer at Kendo-Keto.

Roxana Soetebeer

I started my keto journey in October of 2019 after my blood sugars sky rocketed. Looking for help, a friend recommended to look into Dr. Stephen Phinney. Once I watched his videos, the decision was made and I took my first step on my new path to improved health. In the past three years I learned a lot about the science behind keto and why it was the best option for me to improve all my metabolic markers (A1c, weight, blood pressure, liver enzymes, kidney levels). I am now off most meds including insulin and immune suppressants for RA, feeling the best I have felt in decades and enjoying life again. I will never look back.

Listen to my story on the Low Carb MD Podcast with Dr. Brian Lenzkes and Dr. Tro Kalayjian. Also available on YouTube, iTunes and Spotify.

Joy Sypher

I was diagnosed Type 2 diabetic 15 years ago. My symptoms indicated I had been at the Diabetic level for a few years and at Pre-Diabetic level for years before that. I now understand I was Insulin Resistant at only 20 years of age. I was thin and athletic and didn't start to gain weight until my 30's, shortly after my mom died. May 16, 2020 I started a low carb, high fat, moderate protein way of eating for the last time. I did not start a new diet to lose weight. I started a new way of eating to heal. I eliminated inflammatory foods to heal from the inside out and Reverse Insulin Resistance. May 2020 to March 2021 I've lost 47 pounds. April 2003 to March 2021 I've lost 75 pounds. 57yo, HW 202, SW 174, GW 144, CW 127