What is Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is present, when cells in muscles, fat and liver have trouble responding to insulin. They need extra insulin to take up glucose for energy. Eventually the pancreas is maxed out and can no longer keep up with insulin demands and glucose levels in the blood rise. Many metabolic disorders develop in response to high insulin levels (type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, hypertension, PCOS, obesity, dyslipidemia, dementia, and others).

The conventional treatment is to add increasingly more insulin, which is creating a constant state of hyperinsulinemia. Medication is used to add exogenous insulin or trick the body into making more insulin or trick body cells into accepting glucose despite insulin resistance - the perfect storm to make this a chronic progressive disease.

This cycle can be stopped and even reversed.

Dr. Benjamin Bikman on Insulin Resistance:

Only 12% of US adults are metabolically fit. This means that 88% are in some way metabolically unwell.

One interesting tidbit, insulin slows the basic metabolic rate significantly.

Dr. Benjamin Bikman - 'Insulin at the Center: A New/Old Paradigm for Metabolic Syndrome'